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Understand your communication style with Dots to remove friction, increase performance, and build a high-performance team.

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Executive Mentorship

Through one-to-one mentorship, Amy helps executives and leaders navigate personal and professional challenges with tailored guidance and support.

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Facilitation & Speaking

An engaging and powerful speaker, Amy delivers engaging and action-focused presentations that are guaranteed to inspire.

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Transforming cultures across Australasia, Amy will work in your business to reduce friction and increase performance.

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As a dedicated mentor, Amy intimately supports her clients to overcome their personal and professional challenges.

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A powerful performance. Amy delivers knowledge with conviction. Be inspired to take action today.

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Changing The Way We Speak With Ourselves And Others

Amy's journey began as a lawyer, where she witnessed the strain miscommunication placed on relationships, families, and workplaces. This inspired her mission to teach effective communication, helping individuals to understand their personal communication styles.

Using the Dots Communication Method, Amy's work has saved relationships, transformed workplace cultures, and improved the mental wellbeing of countless individuals globally.

Today, Amy’s mission is to empower teams and individuals with Dots Communication, fostering happier and more productive environments.

We think we’re pretty good at what we do. But don’t take it from us. Here’s what some of our clients have to say...

Michelle Caldwell

Destinate NZ | Tourism Strategy | Marketing | Visitor Experience | Communications | Management | Podcaster

"Amy facilitated a DOTS session with our team when I was at RAL and it was super fun. The entire leadership team were fully engaged in the process and it became part of our day to day vocabulary at work. I really believe it helped build relationships and allowed team members to understand their work mates a lot better just by understanding their preferred communication style. Amy is a very energetic and charismatic presenter and I would (and have) recommend her to anyone looking to foster better communications amongst their team."

Grazia Ravelli

starts conversations that matter | Certified Life and Mindset Coach | Career Consultant to expats

"I had the pleasure and fortune of being dotted by Amy in a small group setting. Her quest for making communication effective is evident in not only what she does, but most importantly in HOW she does it: her energy, relatedness, knowledge and genuine passion are pure driving forces. Being dotted by Amy was an insightful experience, and a memorable one for sure: expect a few lightbulb moments and to walk away with reflections point and a better understanding of how you operate and communicate!"

Barb Long

CEO at Corstorphine Community Baptist Trust (CBCT)

"Amy has been working with our organisation for the past two years. While we initially engaged her for a Dots Communication Workshop our relationship with her has become so much more. She assists us with cultural change, leadership mentoring, recruitment and staff professional and personal development. Amy has taken the time to understand our services, goals and aspirations and supports us in fulfilling them. She is also very generous with her NGO rates. I highly recommend her."

Blair Johnson

Chemistry Department Manager at Fonterra Clandeboye

"Thanks for the session Amy. I KNOW (purple-challenging that weak colour) that our staff took a lot out of the focus on communication focus, to gain an insight into their colleagues styles. Having this appreciation will allow them to communicate more effectively going forward. The way you present makes it fun and enjoyable for everyone involved."

Cara Bradley

Business Growth Adviser at Otago Chamber of Commerce

"If you haven't been 'dotted' by Amy Scott yet, you need to! I recently attended her condensed programme and loved every minute of it. It gave me great insight and perspective on working with the rest of our team. Amy the energy and enthusiasm you brought to the session was outstanding, thank you."

Vanessa G.

Programme Manager at Silver Fern Farms Ltd

"I had the privilege of being dotted by Amy as part of our wider IT team. It is amazing how much our dot colours have become part of our working lives. Realising co-workers preferences for communication is a powerful tool and is something I have built into my change management approaches. Amy herself is an absolute delight. She commands your attention in the best possible way. You can't help but listen when Amy is at the front of the room. If you are looking at a valuable exercise that can double as a team-building activity then I would highly recommend being dotted by Amy."

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