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The Power of Dots Communication

Backed by years of research and development, Dots Communication is a precognitive communication training tool designed to help individuals better understand their own communication style AND those around them.

Whether you’re wanting to reduce friction in the workplace, increase productivity, strengthen interpersonal relationships, or simply better understand the people around you, Dots will help you build an in-depth understanding of your own communication style and you’ll walk away with practical strategies on how to communicate authentically with yourself and others.

Experience the power of Dots for yourself and build a high-performance team all while having a fun with an engaging team-building activity.

Want To Know What Your Dots Are?

There are four Dots that represent different communication styles; Blue, Red, Yellow, and Purple. Even though we are a combination of all four, we generally have two Dots that are more dominant in our day-to-day communication.

Blue Dot Example: Empathetic & trusts their gut.
Red Dot Example: Data-driven & wants the facts.
Yellow Dot Example: Likes routine & logical.
Purple Dot Example: Imaginative & big picture thinker.

Try out our Dots taster quiz below and find out our personal Dots today!

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An Engaging And Effective Team Building Activity

Our workshops go so much further than just Dots.

Amy’s facilitated sessions are specifically designed for your business needs and help you develop the emotional intelligence of your team to help you find tangible solutions to communicate better and improve cultural problems. You’ll become laser-focused and learn how to communicate stress-free and with intent.

Ultimately, we want to help you do business better.

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