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Made in New Zealand, dots is a facilitated team and culture building workshop designed to create high performing teams and reduce friction in the workplace. Participants come away with an in-depth understanding of their communication style and practical exercises on how to communicate authentically with others.

Over 24,000 people have been dotted by Amy across hundreds of businesses. Enquire today and see how dots could transform the culture of your business.

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DOTS is a tool that revolutionises communication. It enables us to have effective, clear communication every time, simply by understanding our own communication style as well as the style of others.

There are four communication styles and we are a combination of all four, with generally two styles being more dominant. The quiz below is just a taste of what your communication style is likely to be, connecting with Amy through a live or online event will give you a much greater understanding, a more accurate assessment, and actionable outcomes.

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More than Dots we help our clients do business better. Our facilitated sessions are tailor designed to your business needs. We develop the emotional intelligence of business leaders to help teams find tangible solutions to cultural problems. With Amy involved, your team will become laser focused on their deliverables and learn how to communicate with intent.

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