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Welcome to "Dots with Amy"

Attention couples, family members, friends, parents, individuals, businesses, sports teams, not-for-profits, schools, organisations... absolutely everyone!!!

Prevent misunderstandings, communicate with more confidence, and improve relationships, all while having fun.

Here is what your life will look like after you do "Dots with Amy".

  • You will strengthen your relationships with everyone around you.
  • You will say goodbye to niggly conflicts at work and at home.
  • You will play to your strengths and win more in all areas of your life
  • You will understand how others like to receive information, get on their wavelength, and get things done.

If you are looking for less stress, less friction, more connection, and a happier life then this program is for you.

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Businesses wanting multiple seats


Here is what your life will look like after you do DOTS with Amy.

  • You will strengthen your relationships with everyone around you.
  • You will say goodbye to niggly conflicts at work and at home.
  • You will play to your strengths and win more in all areas of your life
  • You will understand how others like to receive information, get on their wavelength, and get things done.

If you are looking for less stress, less friction, more connection, and a happier life than this program is for you.

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A simple technique to help you communicate with more clarity, confidence and compassion

"Dots with Amy" is a research-based program developed in New Zealand. This technique has already enriched the lives of more than 24,942 people.

Until now, you could only work with Amy in group coaching costing upwards of $14,000. Now you can access the same magic in the comfort of your own home, in your own time, for a fraction of the price.

When you buy the program you get access for 90 days. Watch it as many times as you like during the 90 days, to stay refreshed and on top of your game.

Who is "Dots with Amy" for?

For couples who want to connect deeper

For people experiencing friction with challenging colleagues

For parents struggling to get through to their kids

For families who wish they were closer

For anyone wanting to communicate better with the people in your life.

See what people have to say about how Dots transformed their relationships …

“My wife and I walked away with new learnings about each other that we couldn't figure out in 8 years of living together. We gained practical tools to help us live in harmony and avoid those niggly conflicts.”

-Abhi Kala

“Dots got a very positive response from our team, particularly from the sceptics who really got it. And it’s still, six or seven years later, embedded in our culture and how we communicate with each other.”

- Peter Amer

“Dots really gave me that confidence just to talk to anyone now. If you want to up your sales and you want to be a lot more confident in your career get dotted!”

- Steve Rogan

“Parents have different ways of doing things with their kids, and this is the main cause of issues in blended families. Dots helps you to understand your family in a different way. Your approach changes.”

- Shannon & Hayden

“Dots helped me better understand how I might talk with my wife. I was video calling her last night as she’s overseas, and we had to revert to Dots to navigate the conversation because electronically good communication is even more critical.”

- Sandy Graham

“Dots helped us build a foundation because we did it early on in our relationship. It’s the level of understanding that we got right from the get-go. We have an indication of what’s going on in each other’s head and the reasons why.”

- Isabelle & Dirk

Get instant access now for $467
Businesses wanting multiple seats

Let’s get one thing straight first

It’s not your fault if you’re struggling to communicate with your partner.

When you can’t connect with someone, it’s often because your communication styles are incompatible. If your partner’s style conflicts with yours, it can feel like you’re speaking a different language. And that sucks.

Are you constantly arguing about silly things? Do you feel like your partner doesn’t get you? Do you feel like you’re not valued or supported? Maybe you’re even secretly afraid you’re not in love with your partner anymore.

These are all signs you may have conflicting communication styles. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to settle for being unhappy. And you don’t need to write your relationship off either.

Amy’s here to help …

Meet Amy, New Zealand’s #1
communication expert

When Amy Scott was a family lawyer, she saw first-hand how miscommunication damaged couples. 14 years later, she’s helped over 24,000 people save relationships, build better careers, and live happier, healthier lives through improving their ability to communicate.

Amy teaches the Dots communication method, an extremely effective research based communication model based on four key communication styles. Invented in New Zealand and taught around the world, Dots communication skills can transform your relationships.

Now, for the first time, you can access this transformational communication training online, to learn with your partner in the comfort of your own home or in your office.

Here’s what you can expect …

Here’s how "Dots with Amy" works its magic

Amy starts by helping you understand how you like to communicate and identify your natural strengths and weaknesses.

She does this by guiding you through the simple process of working out your Dots, which sum up your key communication styles. There are four styles, and each is represented by a colour, making them super easy to remember.

Once you know your communication style, Amy will show you how this impacts your relationships and how to adjust the way you communicate to meet others’ needs. You’ll get plenty of practical tips.

When you know how your other people naturally communicate, so much else falls into place. It becomes easier for you to ask for what you want. You can play to your strengths and even begin to laugh about your differences.

Understanding people better makes it easier to love and appreciate them for who they are. You can look forward to:

  • Knowing how to get the best out of each other.
  • Less arguing over little things.
  • Resolving tricky situations calmly and compassionately.
  • And understanding the people around you better.

Get instant access to "Dots with Amy" 

This is not your standard boring online training module.  It is fun and entertaining along with being super practical and easy to use.  We allow full access to the platform for 90 days so that you have plenty of time to access all of the material. 

It’s a fun activity to do with family, friends or colleagues. Lay in the tasty snacks, pour some glasses of wine, grab a pen and paper, and get ready to find out more about the people in your life.

Get instant access now for $467

Okay so you might be a red dot wanting specific details of what is inside the program. Here you go :)

Intro to "Dots with Amy"

Amy's intro and the story of Dots’ origin and the research behind it.

Tick box exercise prep

Getting you ready to do the tick box exercise.

Purple dot tick box exercise

Narrative stories to help you identify where your purpleness comes out.

Learn day to day traits of a purple person such as their shopping style.

Yellow dot tick box exercise

You’ll be amazed how different purple and yellow dot people can be. Learn about your yellow dot traits. If you have a yellow dot in your life, you’ll know how to win their hearts after this session.

Red dot tick box exercise

Get to know your red dot traits and understand the red dot approach to communication. Trust us you will be able to spot a red dot from a mile away.

Blue dot tick box exercise

Discover your blue dot traits. Perhaps you shop like a blue dot or perhaps you are in a relationship with a blue dot. This will help you get onto their wavelength.

Dots combinations

Everyone is a mix of different dots. This video breaks down what different combinations mean and how they affect your communication style.

Same number of ticks

Some of your may have got the same number of ticks for two or more of your colours. Don't panic this video will provide you with more information to help you work out what your combination is.

Communication needs

How we like to receive information depends on our dots. This series of videos breaks down how each colour likes to receive information so that you can meet people’s communication needs and have more meaningful connections.

Maximising your primary dot colour

This series of videos will show you how you can leverage your primary dot at work.

Picking dots

Learn how to identify other peoples communication styles so that you can get onto their wavelength quickly.

Love languages

How to show appreciation to all the different dots


This bonus video series give you specific tactics you can use at work, in your relationship, and with your family members, friends and children.

Assuming, expecting & demanding 

  • A quick and easy way to improve your communication is to reflect on why the you've experienced a communication breakdown.  This tool will help you to minimise communication friction.

Resolving Conflict

  • This series of videos shares some quick tips to help you resolve conflict with different dots.

How to get colleagues to do things for you?

  • This series of videos shares some quick tips on how to best approach the different communication styles to get them to do things for you.  Although aimed at the workplace environment - these tips are great for any environment include at home and school.


  • Take responsibility for the energy you bring into any environment.

Preview & Review

  • A handy tool that helps with focus & purposeful planning.  Great to use daily, weekly or even just for those tricky meetings or conversations that need to be had.

Don’t take our word for it.

Listen to feedback from  people whose lives have been transformed by Amy’s workshops.

Get instant access for $467
Businesses wanting multiple seats


Ready to strengthen your relationships?

Get instant access now for $467
Businesses wanting multiple seats

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